On Hold

The average caller is on hold for almost a minute. All callers are customers... or prospective customers... and your image during this time is paramount.

We can help present your business in a professional and more entertaining way.


Very affordable for any business. Prices start at only $29.95 per month... including production work.

No Equipment To Buy

We provide and maintain all equipment. This saves the cost of repairs and the maintenance hassle.

Easy Updates

Changing your message is as simple as removing a thumb drive. Your on hold messaging is always up-to-date.

Silence is not "golden"

Surveys show that information is preferred over silence, generic music or "your call is really important to us blah, blah, blah..."

Well-produced music and information on hold re-assures the caller that they haven't been disconnected.

This also dramatically reduces the psychological "hold time".

If you have a typical business phone system, you need Allen Davis Advertising On Hold.

Click on the PLAY BUTTON to hear audio samples.


  • Every message is custom taylored and fully-produced by seasoned broadcast professionals.
  • Increase sales by promoting specials.
  • Inform customers about your web-site and social media.
  • Answer FAQs such as location, hours, etc.
  • Your message is always current with information about special sales, promotions, events and holidays.
  • VERY AFFORDABLE for any business! Prices start at only $29.95 per month.